Nurse competence in using the Glasgow Coma Scale in the emergency room of Hospital

Endrian Mulayady Waluyo(1Mail), Jajuk Kusumawaty(2), Adi Nurapandi(3),
(1) STIKes Muhammadiyah Ciamis, Indonesia
(2) STIKES Muhammadiyah Ciamis, Indonesia
(3) STIKES Muhammadiyah Ciamis, Indonesia

Mail Corresponding Author
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Submitted : 2019-11-27
Published : 2020-05-15


The Glasgow Coma Scale technique, developed since 1974, is used by nurses and health professionals to facilitate documentation of the assessment of consciousness scales, an assessment of consciousness needed in patients with neurological problems and injuries. The Glasgow Coma Scale is also needed to determine clinical decisions in the hospital emergency department. The purpose of this research is to assess the ability of nurses in the Emergency Room who already have an emergency training certificate and analyze the factors that influence the competence of emergency nurses about the Glasgow Coma Scale at the Government General Hospital Emergency Room. The method used is descriptive-analytic with chi-square relationship test approach with samples taken based on total sampling, namely all nurses in Emergency Installation as many as 73 people spread across three hospitals in West Java. The sample had nurses' inclusion criteria who had emergency training certificates and served in the Emergency Room. Exclusion criteria were nurses who served structurally (head of the room and deputy head of the room) and were on leave/permit/ sick / off duty. The results showed that nurse competence was influenced by nurses' age and years of service. Conclusion The Glasgow Coma Scale instrument has an important role in the emergency room so it needs the same benchmarks between the hospital and the training that is followed by nurses. Recommendations based on this research are the need for standard benchmarks and modification of the Glasgow Coma Scale Instrument to make it easier to use and remain accurate as a predictor of death.


Keperawatan; healthcare; health; Glasgow Coma Scale; technique; certificate of training; emergency room nurses

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