Our bodies have an immune system, composed of cells and tissues that make up the immunity. Immune responce is away that made the body to respond to stimulations from inside or outside the body. Changes in leucocyte and leucocyte differential count indicate a humoral and cellular immune response as a tolerance of homeostatic changes in the body. Wet cupping is a treatment efforts to restore the homeostasis of the immune system. The aim of this research to know the effect of Wet cupping (Hijamah) of body immune system in venous blood of healthy person. This study was an experimental clinical trial without comparison (pretest and posttest without control group design). This research is done at the Clinic Cupping Ibnu Sina Palembang for 21 days. The blood test was conducted at the center for Laboratory of Health (BBLK) South Sumatera region. The sample in this study were some adult women who meet the criteria of inclusion and exclusion. A sample size of 30 people. Measurement parameter had increase of leucocyte and leucocyte differential count. The data obtained in this study were then analyzed statistically using SPSS version 20, which included a homogeneity test sample using Shapiro wilk test, description analysis to know the mean value and standard deviation. There were significantly increased in the number of leucocyte, neutrophil, and monocyte after 8 hours of Wet cupping and there no significant increased of lymphocyte. There was significant reduction of eosinophil after Wet cupping. There was no change of basophil. Wet cupping can grow up the immune system.


Wet cupping; Leucocyte; Leucocyte differential count

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