Identification Of Clinical Pathway Models To Prevent Complications And Improve The Quality Of Life Of Stroke Patients

Mira Asmirajanti(1*)
(1) Universitas Esa Unggul (UEU)
(*) Corresponding Author
DOI : 10.30604/jika.v8i3.2352


Stroke is a disease with high cost, high volume, and high risk. The burden of these costs will increase if you experience complications that often occur in sufferers.  This study aimed to identify a clinical pathway model to prevent complications and improve the quality of life of stroke patients. This study is a quantitative descriptive study with crossectional, with 95 samples of stroke patients who have been treated for at least 1 day, can communicate 2 ways at Hospital dr. Chasbullah Abdulmadjid Bekasi City, and who have studied ethical feasibility. Participants must fill out informed consent. Data were collected using questionnaires and analyzed using univariate analysis. The results showed that the most participants were aged between 45 – 59 years (43.2%), male (61.1%). Hypertension, disease before stroke (71.9%), and 2 attacks (10.5%). (51.6%) were unaware of stroke with symptoms of muscle weakness (87.4%),  (45.3%) difficulty speaking, and (17.2%) blurred vision. (46.9%) complications of paralysis. Activity daily living eating and drinking (55.8%), (58.95) personal hygiene, (62.1%) elimination, (68.4%) ambulation, (65.3%) mobilization, and (54.7%) rest/sleep should be assisted. Treatment was carried out by taking medication (89.5%) and control to health facilities (75.8%), but (75.8%) did not carry out rehabilitation and exercise (54.7%). There are still many participants who do not know about stroke well, which affects their independence in carrying out activities. Therefore, a clinical pathway model is needed that is used as a reference in providing information and education to stroke patients, to prevent complications and improve the quality of stroke patients.


Clinical pathway, knowledge of stroke, complications, quality of life.


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