The ability to the concentration of learning is very important in order to obtain the knowledge given by the lecturer. Thus expected students at the time of exams can do the problem correctly. One form of effort to increase the concentration is with the Balance Exercise. This study aims to prove the influence of Balancing Exercise on student learning concentration. The benefits of this research is to provide therapy for students who have learning difficulties by increasing the concentration of learning to get better learning outcomes. The population in this study is all students in Campus STIE Indonesia Kota Bekasi as many as 520 people. The sampling technique used is purposive sampling. This research uses quasi-experimental method with pre and post-test design two group design The samples used during the study amounted to 86 people. The samples were divided into two groups namely the treatment group and the control group, each of which amounted to 43 people. Statistical analysis used is the paired t-test and t independent test. Measurement of learning concentration by using Stroop test mini card. The result showed that the control group produced the sign value of 0.392 so it can be concluded that there was no change of mean before and after the intervention. While in the treatment group the value of sign 0.00 which can be interpreted that there is a change in mean values before and after the intervention of balance exercise. The result of the calculation of the difference of the average value of the treatment group was 14.26 while the control group was 0.74. This result shows that the treatment group is higher than the control group. The conclusion of this research is balancing exercise has a significant effect on student concentration.


Balancing Exercise; Concentration of Learning; Student

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