Low back pain is unpleasant or painful condition that can lead to activity constraints. LBP is a major cause of disability in the world. Based on data from the Port Health Office in 2018, LBP is a condition that is often experienced by porters in Kendari’s Port. There are many factors that can affect lower back pain; such of the following is smoking. This study aims to determine the relationship between smoking degrees with disability of lower back pain. This research was an observational analytic study with a cross-sectional approach. 130 samples were obtained through total sampling. Data were analyzed using the Spearman correlation test (p <0.05). The Majority of respondents had mild smoking habits 70.8% and mild disabilities 42.3%. Based on statistical tests, a positive correlation between the degree of smoking and disability of lower back pain was obtained in porters in Kendari’s port with p value = 0,000 and a correlation coefficient = 0.524. There is a significant relationship between the smoking degrees and disability of low back pain in the porters of Kendari’s port.


Low Back Pain; Disability; Smoking Degree; Nyeri Punggung; Derajat Merokok

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