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Vol 7, No 3: September 2022 A Concept Analysis of Coping in Caregivers of Older People with Dementia Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Rita Hadi Widyastuti, Junaiti Sahar, Etty Rekawati
Vol 8, No 2: June 2023 A model of assistance of PLHIV (people with HIV AIDS) through social rehabilitation at the bina muda gemilang foundation Tangerang district Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Sholih Sholih
Vol 6 (2021): Special Issue GINC A Narative Review: The Difference of Satisfaction Level in BPJS Patient And General Patient Toward The Quality of Health Service In Inpatient’s Unit Abstract   Fulltext (Bahasa Indonesia)
Andrias Feri Sumadi, Muhammad Syamsu Hidayat, Sulistyawati Sulistyawati
Vol 8, No 2: June 2023 A participatory based public administration model to increase awareness and proactive behavior in occupational health and safety Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Salamatul Afiyah
Vol 8, No 2: June 2023 A qualitative study of the experience of female diabetes mellitus type II with sexual diffusion Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Rafika Sulastri, Iman Permana
Vol 8, No 2: June 2023 A Scoping Review: Factors Associated with Pruritus in CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) Patients Undergoing Dialysis Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Tahratul Yovalwan, Fitri Arofiati
Vol 7, No 1: March, 2022 A SEM-PLS Model Analysis: The Relationship of Health Promotion Model Components and Personal Hygiene Behavior to Prevent Scabies in Prisoners Abstract   Fulltext (Bahasa Indonesia)
Dinar Yuni Awalia Anilam Cahyani, Lilik Zuhriyah, Yati Sri Hayati
Vol 6, No 4: December 2021 A Treatment on Pregnant Mothers Infected With Covid-19: A Scoping Review Abstract   Fulltext (Bahasa Indonesia)
Annisa Rusdi, Sulistyaningsih Sulistyaningsih, Herlin Fitriana Kurniawati
Vol 7, No 3: September 2022 Accuracy of ESI triage, qSOFA Score And Their Combinations As Predictor of Sepsis Prognosis Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Nikma Alfi Rosida, Teguh Wahdju Sardjono, Laily Yuliatun
Vol 6, No 2: June 2021 Activities and Nurses' Role in Empowering Parents on Treating Children with Cancer Abstract   Fulltext (Bahasa Indonesia)
Dina Rasmita
Vol 7, No 4: December 2022 Activity Intervention in COPD Patients to Improve Quality of Life in The Comunity Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Iwan Shalahuddin, Bambang Aditya Nugraha, Sandra Pebrianti, Theresia Eriyani, Devi Nurrahmawati
Vol 7, No S2 (2022): Suplement 2 Acupressure on the xuehai point (SP10) reduces menstrual pain in students Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Nikmatul Khayati, Rizka Febrianti, Machmudah Machmudah, Sri Rejeki
Vol 6 (2021): Special Issue GINC Addie Model-Based Learning To Improve Competences Of Clinical Nurse Leaders Abstract   Fulltext (Bahasa Indonesia)
Achmad Djojo, S Suhariyanto, Raju Kapadia, Tiara Octary, J Junaidi, Delsy Cantika Sari, Khairul Fitriadi, Maria Merry, Astuti Lestari, Endang Nilaprapti, Ida Rosyada, Yudi Yudi, Irawati Novita, Ignatius Nandang, Agus Rachmadi, Tutik Sri Hariyati, Hanny Handiyani
Vol 7, No S1 (2022): Suplement 1 Adequacy Levels of Micronutrient as Risk Factors of Stunting in Toddlers in Pardasuka Village Abstract   Fulltext (Bahasa Indonesia)
Afiska Prima Dewi, Alifiyanti Muharramah, Desti Ambar Wati, Hilda Widya Wati
Vol 5, No 1: June 2020 Administration of Honey Carroll Juice As a Pain Relief of Primary Dysmenorrhea in Adolescent Women Abstract   Fulltext (Bahasa Indonesia)
Novita Br Ginting Munthe
Vol 8, No S1: Supplement Administration of Lemon Water Towards Emesis Gravidarum Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Meli Doloksaribu
Vol 7, No 2: June 2022 Adolescent Childbirth with Asphyxia Neonatorum Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Wellina Br Sebayang
Vol 7, No S2 (2022): Suplement 2 Adolescents’ Perception of Risky Sexual Behavior: An Impact in Rural Area Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Ema Waliyanti, Yassirli Amrina
Vol 7, No S1 (2022): Suplement 1 Adverse Drug Reaction of Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Injectable Contraceptive on Acceptor Family Planning Programme Abstract   Fulltext (Bahasa Indonesia)
Citra Yuliyanda Pardilawati, Siti Julaiha, Nurhayati Nurhayati, Meni Asriani
Vol 8, No S1: Supplement Affecting factors the incidence of chronic energy deficiency (CED) in pregnant women Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Nur Alfi Fauziah, Hellen Febriyanti
Vol 1, No 2 (2016): December Aktivitas Fisik dengan Sindrom Premenstruasi Pada Siswa SMP Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Surmiasih Surmiasih
Vol 6, No 1: March 2021 Amoxicylin-Klavulanate and Cefadroxyl Resistance Toward Staphylococcus Aureus Isolate from Children's Nose Mucosa Abstract   Fulltext (Bahasa Indonesia)
May Valzon, Dewi Sartika Siagian, Riski Agusmai
Vol 6, No 3: September 2021 An Analysis of The Role and Support on Stakeholders of Village Level in The Implementation of Maternal and Child Health Programs Through Optimizing The Utilization of Village Funds in Tegal Regency Abstract   Fulltext (Bahasa Indonesia)
Sutopo Patria Jati, Ayun Sriatmi, Martini Martini
Vol 6, No 4: December 2021 An Analysis of Therapeutic Communication by Health Workers Toward the Fourth Visit on Pregnant Women in The Working Area of Beringin Raya Public Health Center in Bengkulu City Abstract   Fulltext (Bahasa Indonesia)
Des Metasari, Syami Yulianti
Vol 7, No 3: September 2022 An Ethnographic Study of the Concept of COVID-19 in the Belu Community Beliefs Abstract   PDF (Bahasa Indonesia)
Djulianus Tes Mau, Maria Julieta Esperanca Naibili
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